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Dietary Supplement Fraud – Why Do Dietary Supplements Adhere To Shocking Health Safety Laws But Are Not monitored By The FDA?

Dietary supplements have been in use for a long time now. Their usage is not only limited to children but it has also proved useful for adults too. The most common kinds of dietary supplements that have been used for many years are Herbal supplements, weight loss supplements, energy supplements and so on. Many people also tend to mix these products because they find one that seems to suit them best. Supplements manufacturers have also come up with innovative products that offer new benefits to people who take them.

There is a need to be careful while choosing a dietary ingredient to include in their products. Most importantly, the supplement should contain only natural substances as they have more therapeutic values than synthetic chemicals. Some manufacturers must make health claims on their products, which are necessary to determine if the product is appropriate for you.

There are some supplements manufacturers who prefer to make private label manufacturer products. Private label manufacturers are those who make a special capsule that is consumed by a person instead of the regular powdered form. The difference between the two is that the first one does not have an official name or brand. It has its own unique formulation and hence its own manufacturer. The advantages of private label manufacturers are that there is no standardization of health claims made by the manufacturers; hence there is no way of knowing if the product is appropriate for you.

Many people suffer from side effects when they take certain medications, and they want to ensure that the supplements they take do not have any adverse events associated with them. FDA has certain guidelines regarding the manufacturing of dietary supplements, which you can refer to. A dietary supplement can be used as per one’s requirement but when they are used for treating ailments, they need to have a prescription. It is important to check with your physician before you start taking any supplement. Supplements manufacturers cannot make health claims without an FDA permit.

There are many manufacturers in the market. It is best to check with your physician to see which manufacturers are trustworthy. If you have any pre-existing medical condition you will need to talk to your physician before you start taking any dietary supplements containing natural ingredients. This is because any supplement containing natural ingredients can interact with any medication you are taking and cause adverse events. Some of the most common drugs that cause adverse events when used with dietary supplements containing natural ingredients are antihistamines, antidepressants, and some pain relievers.

Since it is easy to acquire these supplements, there is also a lot of fraud going on in the market. There are numerous companies who supply dietary supplements containing illegal drugs. Such companies do not need to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by FDA. The main reason why such companies are able to flourish in the market is because the government does not inspect their factories and since they have access to cheap labor; they can afford to supply supplements adulterated with legal drugs.

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